Swim & Gym for care

SKILLS: Branding // Drawing // Marketing


Brand designer


Roma Capitale








To create the new brand image for “Swim & Gym for care” of Telethon in collaboration with CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) and FIN (Federazione Italiana di Nuoto).

“Swim & Gym for care” a series of events with special days dedicated to gymnastics and swimming.

Challenge & Research


To realize the right brand name and image I first analyze all the different kind of activities of these events and how the events were organised. Speaking with event organizer I wrote the list of all activity.

// Logo sketch //




With a better understanding of the events, I was able to define the name “Swim & Gym for care” that explained the main activities.

The right brand image had to express the dual souls of the events.
I decided to design a logo with multiple reading angles together with a coordinated image.

This includes horizontally a swimmer and vertically a gymnast, these two figures give meaning one to other (The swimmer became sky for the vertical version and the gymnast became water for the horizontal version).

// Logo costruction //

// Color //

// Typography //

// Full logo//

// The two way to use the logo for Gym and for Swim //

// Banner with logo //

// Outdoor advertising //

// Texture made with logo and car application //

City: London / Milan / Rome

Phone: (UK) +44 07 99 999 47 21
(IT) +39 393 33 17 689

City: London / Milan / Rome

Phone: (UK) +44 07 99 999 47 21
(IT) +39 393 33 17 689