SKILLS: Art direction // Project management // Product design


Art director
Product &
Graphic designer


SEL s.r.l.
ARCESE s.p.a.







SEL and ARCESE are two company that works together in the MotoGP for transport and logistics.

I worked for 1 year in 2010 in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic.




These two companies needed to convert a truck to a mobile head office to be operative during the MotoGP.

The companies wanted the mobile office to have the office area itself, a reception, a relaxing area, a refreshment point; all of these was needed to be flexible and disassemble to leave the truck and transport bikes.




The truck was 12 m long and 2.5 m high. When in place it was able to have a second-floor thanks to hydraulic pistons.

To find the right solutions I first studied the activities that the team was going to do inside this mobile office.

After the first drafts, I created with my team the shapes of the pieces of furniture in real scale to the spaces inside the truck.
After defining encumbrance of the furniture I then started to design them.
Every piece of furniture was custom, with easy lock/unlock system, they were all easy to disassemble and all conform to the safety standards for the truck to be used in MotoGP racing Tracks.

The designing process started from drawing, to AutoCAD and then to 3D, to be rendered and then approved by the client.

After approval, we defined the electric connections and then we started building the interior. In the meantime (after approval of the custom design furniture) I focus my attention on the internal and external appearance of the truck.


It took 3 months of work to complete the truck and still today it is used around the world in MotoGP (and motocross) competition.

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