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Las Vegas Game s.r.l.







The company Las Vegas Game is a big company of gambling and bet, based in Rome




The owner had the need to advertise and promote his new business, based on a slot machines area, with a restricted and limited budget.

Challenge & Research


This wasn’t a big business or brand and it was also placed in a very unfamous location, all this make the challenge even more interesting.

I started by studying the target that usually is attracted from this games, what did they expect and their habits, to do this I spoke with the current clients of the business and the clients of similar businesses. I discovered that the main reason for them to choose one place instead of a different one was just based on the places they already known and the offered services. In the meantime I studied the competitor (big and small) advertising strategies and I discovered that, with few exceptions (of big business) they didn’t advertise or even communicate the presence of these areas (they mainly used related service and activities to attract customer that then were able to discover these areas).


To attract the target to this new business I so decided to use the entire structure of the building and its position (visible from the GRA of Rome, a busy highway), instead of the classic marketing media that weren’t correct and useful for this particular business.

I so converted the building into a giant Slot-Machine, clearly visible from the highway, I designed windows stickers together with retro-lighted panels with the rolling slot-machine graphic, the signboard was converted into the top attractive part of the Slot-Machine (with related graphic and lighting).

This kind of “guerrilla marketing” gave its best during the darks hours of the day, the colorful graphic were fully illuminated and created the real feeling of a Las Vegas Slot-Machine.

All this create interest around the place that became famous and shared on social media giving to the business the requested results.


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