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Full Service s.r.l.







Fullservice is an Italian company of promotional, sales force and logistic. Its biggest client is UNILEVER.
It borned in 1972 and shortly became know in the FMCG field and then became one of the most important company in promotional and logistics.



Due to the fast grow of the company and the main agreement with UNILEVER, the need to expand the client portfolio became strong.
I was so asked to refresh and actualise the brand identity and find new and better way to improve promotion and marketing.


Old company brand



The first research was conducted inside the company to understand the value that Fullservice was giving as a company to the client.

Then I research and understand the competitors’ offerta together with the company internal team, Thanks their long experience and to this research I was able to fully understand the great contribution of this company to client’s business.

Sketch for Logo

Challenge & Research


The research pointed out clearly how this company has its core business in providing missing services to other companies to complete them.
From this idea and created the marketing concept of Fullservice asthe “missing puzzle piece of your company”.

On this I create the new brand starting from the logo, that has the shape of the F and the S fused in a puzzle piece.
The marketing has been created on this idea of being the missing part of many companies.

One of the marketing product for the client that we created was a physical puzzle with the client’s logo with one missing piece (the fullservice’s logo), then the missing piece was shipped separately (printed behind the Fullservice’s contact info).

Logo construction

Color & Typography

Font + Typography

Example of  logo application  for print material

Logo on camion, promotional puzzle, box and truck

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