SKILLS: Art direction // Project management // Marketing


Art director
Creative &
Graphic designer


ADS – Assembly Data

System s.p.a.







Espressowifi is B.U. based on a portable wifi router that gives low-cost internet connection to international tourist in Italy.

The main company and owner of this B.U. is ADS (Assembly Data System, an s.p.a. with more than 1.800 employees), an Italian System Integrator specialized in engineering and technology partner of the major leader in industries such as telecommunication, utilities, transportation, media, gaming and public administration.



Before I joined Espressowifi their product was already on the market for more than one year unfortunately with a bad result and no profits.

My brief from the company was to improve the product image and define a clear marketing strategy to achieve the self-sustaining of the B.U. and generate profits.



When the product was launched the company invested the bigger amount of their budget in events and advertising with no result. When I accepted this job the challenge was to reorganise the marketing and communication team with a very limited budget.



To be able to create a clear marketing strategy I did competitors and target research, using also customers reviews about competitor services and products.

I then tested the direct competitors’ logistics and support.
To finally design the new marketing strategy and the best market for the service I studied market trends related to the demographic target, use of the product and logistic.



Thanks to this research and together with the marketing team we decide to radically change the shipment experience of the product, not only from and to direct contact with the client but also with collect points like hotels, B&B, Airports and so on.

This gave us two advantages:

1) by collecting and leaving the device in the same position the shipment costs were considerably lower

2) the use of collecting points and agreement with tour operator increased the spread of the service.

To make this possible we needed to have a clear and recognisable communication online and offline.

Sketch for creation of Soapy character

I decided to keep just the logo and renew the entire brand image by using only drawing and no stock image like all the direct competitors. To represent the product I designed a character based on the shape of the product itself (mobile wifi router); the name of the character is Soapy from the technical name (in Italian) “saponetta”. Defined and designed the new style I restyled the website and transformed it in an e-commerce, to allow the users to rent or buy the product from every part of the world and be able to organise the work in advance.

Some version of Soapy for: different country, website and exhibition stand concept

Following this I define the social media strategy, I create the facebook ads and some advertisement video. To complete the change and make the full image coordinate I designed new packagings, sell and shipment materials and improve the service design for the customer support.

Thanks to this in one year Espressowifi started to earn more than €30k per month, growing from Rome to all Italy.

Some header of the website with the Soapy character

Video for B2C and B2B customers

Design and Graphics for undergroud stands and events

City: London

Phone: +44 07999994721