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Fonte Capannelle Acque Minerali s.r.l.







“Capannelle” is an Italian famous water source born more than 50 years ago. The company is able to produce more than 3 million water bottle per year under a different brand (for different clients and distribution).




When I started my collaboration with this company they never had an art direction or a marketing strategy for B2B and B2C. So my first step was to study and understand the entire production and distribution process together with direct selling and GDO in the beverage field (very complex and underdeveloped).

Field research


With a better knowledge of the company and the field, I build a marketing strategy starting from the restyling of the company image in particular from the labels and the packagings.

After I restructure the selling process by making it digital. During many years of the Art direction of this company, I was able to adapt and update the company image to new trends and brand necessities.



A series of specials labels was the most successful marketing initiative, it was printed and sold on over 10 million bottles and incresed the company’s turnover by +10%; the labels told the ancient history of Rome with original illustrations.

To make this marketing initiative real I studied the history of Rome and its connections with water and ancients roman water source.
This creates a great interest in the company from the media because we were the first to bring history to the people table.
This strategy increased sales as people were engaged to buy the new bottle to know more about the story.





In 2014, after more than 50 years from its bornt, I re-designed the brand and the logo.

For the company logo, we wanted to create a strong connection with Rome and its millenary history. So I designed a logo that expresses the connection with Rome and its emperors that used that water source thousands of years before.
The shape is based on the Colosseum (the most famous monument in Rome) upside down that becomes a glass that contains the water of the water source (it also represent the fact the water actually runs under the Colosseum and so the city of Rome).

This logo wasn’t only meant to be placed as a flat logo (for documents for example) but it was specially designed to be used on the labels in he special illustrated 3D version.
This new brand image became the center of the next company development.



New Logo Design

Logo + Text

Logo on water labels and illustrated version

Logo application on truck for delivery

Cover of water catalog




As part of the marketing strategy, in particular for high-end clients, I created a new design for a special water bottle.

I researched through the matrix manufacturer on the current products on the market and what the actual machine was able to do.
So I pitched my idea of the ancient Roman aqueduct sculpted on the bottle to the CEO but from that then I moved to the shape of
the more globally recognisable shape of the Colosseum, this choice allowed us to have a unique product in line with the Capannelle brand.

I so created the 3D model and the first resin model and from that we were able to start the production of the new bottle named “COLOSEVM”.



Design to build the bottle, label and detail on the Special bottle with my signature

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