My passion for Art, Drawing, and Animation goes back to my early childhood when just 4 years old, as many children, I started enjoying drawing.

During the years my interest grew bigger and stronger. I spent 7 years in the Roman School of Comics (SRF) where years later I came back as a teacher. Meanwhile, I choose the art school as 5 years journey for my diploma. With an improved knowledge, I began experiencing some job in graphic and web.

My research in the drawing and painting lead me to be a professional artist defining my own style and taking part in great shows and events (like Telethon/BNL).

In the meantime, I discovered the world of design and I so decided to continue my studies with an “industrial design” Degree at “La Sapienza” (University of Rome) that I completed in 2008 with a project on a “Vertical Square” that lead me to be selected as “Young Talent of Design” for the “Costozero” magazine of Confindustria.

During my degree, I became also interested in animations (both traditional and digital), so decides to begin a two years animation course that gave me a great experience to add value to my today’s projects.

Today, with more than 10 years of experience I use my multidisciplinary knowledge across art, visual and design to give the best value through every project I realise, and in my free time, I enjoy to freely express myself through my paints.


City: London / Milan / Rome

Phone: (UK) +44 07 99 999 47 21
(IT) +39 393 33 17 689